Kod-Motion Robotics  and Embedded Industrial Computers.

Kod-Motion Robotics offers a wide selection of high quality solutions

And products in addition to expert service, promising to keep you in motion.

In addition we develop our own robots in the fields of advertising,

Industrial robots and military.


WWW.LEX.COM.TW     Embedded Systems

WWW.AGAPHA.COM       SBC, Compact PCI, Industrial SBC

http://www.attro.com/   :   Embedded System

http://www.lufa.com.hk/   Small vibrating DC Motors.

http://www.solenoids.com.tw/about.htm :shih shin:  Solenoids.

http://www.pololu.com Robot Kits and Electronics.

http://www.hsiangnengmotors.com.tw/ :  מנועי DC-Motor Gears.

www.usdigital.com   : Encoders     USA.

מסכי TOUCH SCREEN "7, 8", "10, "12, "15, CFC ,, PC-104 ETX, EBX, Mini ITX, MICRO ATX, BOX PC, "19 ,מחשבים מוקשחים בכל הפורמטים הצבאיים -MILSPEC .

Kod-Motion since 1994 a Manufacturer & import firm

Specialized in robotics & Embedded Computer Solutions

Motion controlling & motors.

(All kind of robotic wheeling and wheels coupling solutions)

5.25" Miniboard  3.5" Miniboard   PC/104 CPU Module 

BOX PC Full Size SBC

Half Size SBC Backplanes

Rackmount Chassis    Wallmount Chassis  Display Kits

LCD Monitor Panel PC  Portable Workstation
KVM  ndustrial Motherboard  

Embedded Real-time MPEG4 Video Server 

  3.5” SBC

Among our products:


    (All Sizes & Customized to customer’s Needs)

60mm, 80mm, 100mm Diameter ROBOT Wheels.
DC-Motors, blushless-DC Motors, Motion Controllers, Coupling,

Zero- Backlash Gears, Encoders, Micro-Switches, Robot Wheels,

Customized Wheels All sizes And Shapes For All Applications, CCTV,

Monitors B&W And COLOR, Lenses, Coupling Solutions

For all  Motor-Gear Shafts. 
Our firm is a well-known one in its field and enjoys

A good name and quality service.
We represent a wide range of Wide world Manufacturers.

If you wish to get A quotation for ROBOT WHEELS Then E-Mail Us To:


E-Mail : motion@motion.co.il